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Air Capital 
-Pool League-

The Air Capital Pool League is based in Wichita, Kansas. Formed in 2004, the league was organized to promote the game of 8-ball on coin operated (bar box) tables. Over the years, our league has grown to over a hundred teams playing out of dozens of locations.

Our leagues currently run as many as four divisions per night, Monday through Thursday, with matches starting at 7pm. We typically have three sessions per year; Spring, Summer and Fall. Each ends with a big "Pay-Back Party" where players enjoy food, drink, games and prizes.

Depending upon the league or division, players have the opportunity to sanction in either the BCAPL or the VNEA national organizations and qualify to play in both international competitions. All divisions use the 10 point scoring system with power average adjustments.

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Forms & Documents
Official ACPL Rulebook PDF
Standard ACPL league rules. For Official BCAPL or VNEA sanctioned events, please refer to their rulebook.
New Player Information PDF
Brief overview of our league for New Players.
Divisional Guidelines PDF
How we determine divisional qualifications.
Ranked Player List PDF
List of players who are ranked (Grandmaster, Master, Intermediate.)
Player Handicap List PDF
Players Starting average based on league history.
4-Person Score Sheet PDF
Downloadable Spring or Fall session Scoresheet.
3-Person Score Sheet PDF
Downloadable Summer session Scoresheet.
League Director
Steve Moore
Cell: 316.253.0515 Phone
Facebook: Air-Cap Pool-League FB
VNEA Referee
Fred Johnson
Cell: 316.258.0909 Phone
Office: 316.263.5661
League Board | Player Liaisons
Gil Gann
Fred Johnson
Fran Davis
Scott Davis
Sally Reagle