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To The
Air Cap
Pool League

This league’s intent is to provide fair, competitive play and enjoyment for all skill levels.


The Air Capital Pool League is based in Wichita Kansas. Formed
in 2004, the league was organized to promote the game of 8-ball on
coin operated (bar box) tables. Over the years our league has
grown to over a hundred teams playing out of dozens of locations.
Our leagues currently run as many as four divisions per night,
(Monday through Thursday), with matches starting at 7pm. We
typically have three sessions per year; Spring, Summer & Fall,
each ending with a big Pay-Back party where players enjoy food,
drink, games and prizes.
Depending upon the league or division, players have the
opportunity to sanction in either the BCAPL or the VNEA national
organizations and qualify to play in both international competitions.
All divisions use the 10 point scoring system with power average
The next page will give you some basic information about our

WELCOME & NEW PLAYER INFO…PAGE (B), continued on the next page.


The following is a brief overview of our membership program and new player info

All listed (final roster) team members playing in all divisions of the Air Cap Pool league are required to be sanctioned both locally, and/or nationally. Monday and Wednesday Division I, along with Thursday Division I players will be sanctioned nationally with the BCA Pool League (BCAPL). Tuesday and Thursday Division I players will be sanctioned with the Valley National Eight-ball Association (V.N.E.A.). The remainder of the Divisions will only sanction players locally (ACPL). EXCEPTION – SUMMER SESSION IS LOCAL SANCTIONED ONLY FOR ALL DIVISIONS AND NIGHTS.

SANCTION FEES are included in your weekly league fee ($7 per player) *(see note)

New players: Please complete a Membership Form and place it in the pay envelope.
A completed Membership Form is due upon each player’s first night of play.

During the first 3 weeks of play, please refer to the Established Players Handicap List for your correct starting handicap. If a player is not listed, then they will need to establish a handicap each night of play, (minimum handicap of 6), until handicap is listed on the weekly statistics page (after 3 weeks)…In other words, if your name is not listed in the Established Players Handicap List, your handicap for each match will be the average you shoot in that match, during the first three weeks you play.

Weekly fees are $7.00 per person, per night of play, for all divisions. You are responsible for keeping an accurate record of individual payments on your pay envelope. League management only keeps records on total team payments, not individual players; ($21. Per team / per wk. for 3-person team, $28 per wk. for 4-person team).

*Player Sanctioning Notes:
Any player participating in a VNEA division, that does not play three or more times on one team (substitutes) and is not on a team’s final roster, will not be sent in for National Sanctioning.

Players participating in BCAPL sanctioned divisions (Mon, Weds. & Thur. Div I) BE ADVISEDthe four original players on your roster will be automatically sanctioned in the BCAPL.

All subs or any other players who play on your BCAPL team during the session (even one time) MUST be sanctioned and the team will be charged for the sanction fee for the extra player(s).

***Annual National Sanction fee for BCAPL is $15, VNEA is $15 and local sanction fee is $5 per session.

Thank you for supporting the Air Capital Pool League. We hope that you enjoy your time with us and welcome all suggestions or concerns. You can reach the League Director, Steve Moore, at 253-0515,

or any one of the Board Members, listed on the Contact Page.
Thanks again! We appreciate you!
Have fun!